Britt Perkins

Britt Perkins
Event production, marketing consulting and venue management by a people person
+ ice cream lover. 
Working in Los Angeles, California.



Event Production

The scenario: you have a product you want to tell everyone about, a party you want to have for your [insert: product launch, milestone, business, spouse, friend, holiday, non-profit, kid], a discussion that engages and informs, a corporate meeting and/or retreat or any other type of event. You call me and we talk about your vision, your goals and your budget. Then I make a plan that encompasses everything we've discussed. You like that plan, you give feedback on that plan and you approve that plan. Then I launch into action to execute. Bing!

Strategy, copywriting, branding, content creation, digital marketing, email marketing, social media management--these are all things that I can help you with to let people know about you and yours. Let's effectively raise awareness about your brand and grow your community of clients and customers. Sounds nice, right?


Venue Management

The perfect space sets the stage for everything that follows. Management experience in handling LA-based venues combined with a new project in the Mojave ( has given me the flexibility and understanding to manage and sell venues of every type in a variety of locations. Let's chat. 



journalism chops
hospitality & event skills
that matter. 

As an answer to a tendency to be highly interested in a variety of fields, I pursued and obtained my degree in journalism from the University of Florida in 2011. While I love good journalism, I couldn't face cutting my teeth on the crime or celebrity beats (both equally terrifying) and decided the best way to contribute to society was by helping businesses grow. After 4 years copywriting, I faced the fact that I'm a people person and so launched myself into the hospitality & events arena, working my way to a management position handling all facets of venue management, catering coordination, event production, HR, sales + marketing with an ever growing and talented team. And that's led me here. With a battery of experience and an arsenal of friends prepared to concept, design and execute experiences for your brand. Hi there. 



Britt is incredibly talented, extremely sharp, hard-working and an absolute joy to create, collaborate and brainstorm with. She adds an energy to the workplace that I looked forward to every day. She is very solution-oriented and the first person I went to for feedback and support in problem solving. A pleasure to work with!
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Maybe as an offer of any explanation needed, I've lived in all of the weird states: New Jersey*, Florida, New York, Oregon and California (still to come Texas). But seriously, from experiences in each, I've come to identify the key traits that I bring to my work: honesty, sweat, empathy, a practical nature and possibly most important, a sense of humor